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Pole at Home 

As an authorized dealer for X-Pole, you can PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW THROUGH OUR LINK HERE!

Just follow these easy directions:

If you’re looking for a pole that can easily switch from static to spin mode, select:

  1. Click "Poles" from the menu

  2. Select "XPERT PRO (PX)" - Second option

  3. Enter your carefully measured ceiling height in feet and inches to determine if any extensions are needed. We recommend measuring 3 times with a partner to ensure an accurate measurement.  (If you need an extension, the correct extension size will automatically populate at the bottom based on the height you entered.)

  4. Choose the diameter (our studio poles are 45 mm)

  5. Choose the finish

    • Our studio poles are stainless steel.  You may wish to get a powder coated pole at home for an easier grip.  Plus they come in pink, black, or white!  If you have a chrome/nickel allergy, do not buy a chrome pole.

  6. Click “Add to Cart”

  7. Once you “View Cart” and check out, we recommend signing up for FedEx text alerts or downloading the app so that you don’t miss your delivery.  We have found this to be very handy!


For a faster delivery, we can also place the order directly for you.  Email, call, text or stop in for more information.  

If your ceiling height is less than 7 feet, 6 inches OR higher than 11 feet, 1 inch, please contact us for other options.  They do exist!  

See below for a helpful set up video!


One of our instructors training on her
X-Pole at home!

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