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Where Fitness Meets Fun!

Fitness with a Twist is Pittsburgh's original pole dance studio.  In fact, we were one of the first five pole studios in the country! Conveniently located in the heart of the South Side in Pittsburgh, we are in the business district within walking distance to many shops, restaurants, and bars.  


We pioneered pole dancing for fitness starting in Pittsburgh in 2006, and have always been devoted to enhancing female fitness and confidence.  While most of our students are female, we are an all-inclusive studio and now offer co-ed classes. 

In 2021, we became Fitness with a Twist 2.0 (fwt 2.0) and have expanded to include a variety of additional fitness and aerial classes like Pole Newbies Only, Chair Dance, Pole & Twerk Combo, Pole & Floor Work Combo, Strength & Conditioning, Exotic Pole and Stretch Flex & Get Bendy.  Our Aerial classes include Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Hammock, Silks, and Static Trapeze.

Coming to Fitness with a Twist is an exclusive opportunity for an intense, full-body workout that will boost your self-confidence and sculpt your body. Pole dancing is a great aerobic workout. It is also found to be empowering and liberating. Imagine feeling excited about exercising again! We will provide you with great instruction, an amazing community, and all the fun you can handle. 


Fitness with a Twist 2.0 is where fitness meets fun!


Learn about our Newbie 4-class special!

For new students only!


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