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Private lessons

Make the most of your time with one-on-one expert instruction and a full hour dedicated only to you.

Private Lessons cost $75/hour. We schedule private lessons 7 days a week!


Choose from:

  • Pole Dance

  • Chair Dance

  • Burlesque / Choreo

  • Aerial Yoga, Silks, Hoop

  • Static Trapeze

Make your $50 deposit to save your private lesson spot:





Save $15 when you buy a bundle pack of 3 private lessons:


Private Lesson FAQ's:

  • How do I schedule? Just call or text us to confirm we have your preferred date and time available. Then make the deposit to secure your spot.


  • What should I wear?  For pole, form fitting shorts and tank tops are best in order to allow your skin to grip the pole during certain moves.  Wearing longer shorts, tops, or leggings is not recommended because the fabric will get in the way and can cause you to slide on the pole.  For aerial yoga and aerial hoop (lyra), leggings and a tank top or form fitting t-shirt is best.

  • What about shoes?  For your first pole lesson, plan to go barefoot.  You may wear socks while participating in aerial hoop and aerial yoga lessons.

  • Can I bring a friend?  Yes.  You can bring a friend for an additional $35.  Up to 3 students total can attend.

  • Where can I park?  There is street parking and public lots. We recommend leaving early to allow enough time for parking especially on your first trip to the studio to arrive a bit early and get acclimated. 

  • How private are these lessons?  You are guaranteed total privacy.  While other instructors may be arriving or leaving the studio during your lesson, there will be no other students present.  

  • Refunds: $50 deposit is non-refundable.  WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON! WE ONLY GIVE ACCOUNT CREDIT. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN SELECTING YOUR PURCHASES!  If you need to reschedule a private lesson, you must do so within two weeks of the originally scheduled date.  

  • Is there a discount when buying multiple private lessons?  Yes!  Save $15 when you buy a 3-pack bundle of private classes.  You may mix and match by using one session for pole and another for aerial hoop or aerial yoga.  See the link above to grab your 3-pack bundle.

  • Can I take videos & pictures? Of course!  We recommend doing so to remember the moves and to track your progress over time.

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