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New Students start here

New Student Offer! 


ALL new students are eligible for our Newbie 4-Class Pass!  Good for single pole classes, getting this deal means you're only paying little more than $12/class!  This deal can be purchased one time by each student.

BEGINNERS POLE - ALL of classes are good for Newbies!

Find them on our schedule page: Click here!

  • Pole Newbies ONLY (Monday)

  • Pole Strength & Conditioning (Monday)

  • Pole Price Cut Night (Wednesday)

  • Sexi Pole Envi (Saturday)

  • Exotic Pole (Sunday)

  • Pole & Twerk Combo (Sunday)

  • Pole Level 1 (Four-week progressive series)        


  • Pole & Chair Dance Combo (Alternating Tuesday's)

  • Spin-termediate (Alternating Tuesday's)

  • Non-Newbies (Alternating Thursdays)

  • Climbs, Tricks & Combos (Wednesday)

  • Low Flow (Alternating Saturday's)

  • All-level's Pole Classes (Will have "all-level's" in the title)

  • Pole Levels 2 to 5 (Four-week progressive series)

  • Strictly Spins (Four-week course)   

  • Inverts Galore (4-week series)

  • Intermediate / Advanced Exotic Pole (4-week series)

  • Private Lessons (Click here for more info)

Beginner Friendly OFF-THE-POLE CLASSES

Try our seasonal off-the-pole classes, too, like Floor Work Only, Chair Dance,  Trampoline Cardio, Twerk Out Workout, Hip Hop, Floor Acro & Handstands, Stretch Flex & Get Bendy, Barre Fitness and Zumba.  ALL ARE BEGINNER FRIENDLY!  We rotate these classes in and out depending on student preferences and instructor availability.  


4-Week Pole Level 1, 2, 3 , 4 & 5 Courses: $150

Check our calendar or contact us via email or text for details on these progressive series.  These courses should be taken in order.  

Specialty Friday Night Workshops: $45-$75

Chair Dance, Burlesque, Walking in Heels, Lap Dance, Twerk and more! 

Our workshop prices and content vary depending on instructors, time, etc.

4-Week Special Aerial & Circus Courses: Range $125-$150

Check our calendar or contact us via email or text for details on our aerial hoop, aerial yoga, static trapeze, and tumbling series. 

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