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Pole Dance Studio

Welcome to our 2024 Spring Showcase!
Friday May 17, 2024

Thank you for coming out to support our students tonight. They have been hard at work refining their skills over the past several weeks. We can't wait for you to see what they have in store! 


Rachel F. 

Aerial Hoop

Song: Star Girl Interlude - The Weekend & Lana del Rey

Lynn L.

Aerial Hoop

Song: Lose Control - Teddy Swims

Bex S. & Courtney G.

Aerial Silks Duet

Song: Feeling Good - Michael Bublé

Violet M., Bex S., Julie A., Courtney G., Suzy C., & Erica M.

Low Flow Static Pole Routine

Choreography by Kayla C.

Song: Don't Blame Me - Taylor Swift

Emily M.

Static Pole Routine

Choreography assistance by Kayla C.

Song: Burnout - Mothica

Suzy C.

Static Pole Routine

Song: Get it Sexyy - Sexyy Red

Marie J., Allison G., Laura P, Taylor R., Violet M.

Spin Pole Routine

Choreography by Mystique

Song: Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

Bex S.

Spin Pole Routine

Song: Sexy Beat - MBLAQ & Hello Bitches - CL

Nadia N. 

Spin Pole Routine

Song: Euclid - Sleep Token

Laura S, Suzy C., Kaylee H., Kimmy H.

Static Pole Routine

Choreography by Laura S.

Song: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Marie J.

Spin Pole Routine

Song: Beautiful Boy - The Last Dinner Party

Becca H., Kelsey S., Elidia Q., Angela R., Mataya S

Level 1 Static Pole Routine

Choreography by Rachel F.

Song: Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Laura P.

Spin Pole Routine

Song: Love On The Brain - Rihanna

Maya G. & Josie G. 

Static Pole Duet

Song: Streets - Doja Cat

Laura S., Kimmy H., Kaylee H.

Static Pole Routine

Choreography by Laura S.

Song: Still Don't Know My Name - Labrinth

Arielle C., Megan M., Julie A.

Level 2/3 Spin Pole Routine

Choreography by Jill S.

Song: I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift

Laura P., Rachel F., Laura S., Nadia N.

Static Pole Routine 

Choreography by Deneese C.

Song: Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

Violet M.

Static & Spin Pole Routine

Song: Style - Taylor Swift

Deneese C. & Patience W.


Song: Forgetting & Learning Again - Iapalux


Spin Pole Routine

Song: Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine

Cassie S.

Static & Spin Pole Routine

Song: Levels - Nick Jonas

Special Thanks:

Music & Behind the Scenes Preparation: Jasmine J.
Group Dance Choreographers: Jill S. (level 2/3 static & spin), Mysti L (group spin), Deneese C (Static Group), Kayla C (Low Flow Static Group), & Rachel F (Level 1 group)

Fireman Spin Teacher: Mysti
Set Up Assistance: Marie J., Emily M., Rachel F., Erica M.
Doors: Marie J., Maranda, Mysti

Pole Wipe Down: Rachel F., Emily M.
Pole Set Up: Erica M.
Clean Up: Cassie S, Rachel F., Erica M. 

A special thanks to all of our amazing students & instructors!

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