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Drop-in classes


Pole 101- Learn the basics - new to Pole, start here! This class is specifically designed for those who are shy, nervous or not sure they want to commit to a progressive class (we think you will after this!). Wear shorts and a t-shirt, no lotion on hands, bare feet or bring a pair of your favorite heels if you feel daring.


Pole Envi Drop-in-All Levels Where Strong meets Sexy! In this class we're flirting with the SexySide of pole.

Beginner’s to advance students! Pole dance is the ultimate full body workout. All skill levels are welcome! Grab your friends...Perfect class for groups 5 & under!


Trifecta- Build your pole work by learning smooth transitions, adding grace and sensuality into your routines. Get comfortable crawling, spinning, and moving your legs with attitude! Increase your range of motion and safely take your flexibility to the next level! Tone your core, legs, and arms in this pole, floor and flex class. This class will feature a full body warm up, deep stretching, and resistance exercises to help tone your muscles. Stretching is crucial part to any workout and added flexibility will ensure that you hit your moves on the pole correctly. Pair this class with any of our other weekly drop-ins to unwind and help loosen those stiff muscles!


You Call It Drop-in –Current Students! Write down! Tell us what you want to work on that night! All items go into a bowl/bag/whatever, and we pick 4 per night (can always pick more if time allows). It’s an instructor led class of the moves/spins/tricks picked. If you haven't learned that move yet, will vary it to something you are able to do, or give you something different if necessary. Anything not picked/reviewed in that class will stay in the bowl for future classes.


The High Life (Beginner's Invert) Drop-in- Requirements 6 wk Pole Level 1,2 & 3

After Levels 1,2 & 3 take your game high! Aerial tricks and inverts weekly and every 3rd Wednesday of the month we will bring the sexy with a combo including spins, climbs and inverts. (Shoes Optional but always have them ready to go)


Advanced Endurance Can You Take Me Higher Invert Drop In- Requirements - 6 week levels 1,2,3 and level 1 spin

CYTMH is a "test in" drop in. Once your invert skills have outgrown "The High Life" we gotta keep the challenges coming! A combination of just growing "in house" skills and competition training, this class this class will have you leaving a little higher.


Co-ed- The Flip Side Pole Drop-inYes, we offer one co-ed class per week! Just because you're a boy doesn't mean you aren't welcome! This class provides as ALL LEVEL, co-ed atmosphere for everyone to work together! The Flip Side offers flexibility as well during class time. All levels pole and stretch.

A division of Pittsburgh Pole Artist Academy. PPAA


Chair Dance Drop-In- A beautiful and expression of fitness, Fitness With A Twist Style! A chair can be used as a fun sexy prop everyone has a chair at home so when you are not at the studio you can brush up on your own choreography!! Learn to bring out your confident and seductive inner you in this sultry workout, learn moves you can take home and "workout" with or keep them at the studio for weekly routines.


College Night Pole Drop-in - College Night 1/2 price for students Pole dance is the ultimate full body workout. Students will learn dance moves, floor work, pole tricks and spins, and transitions. All skill levels are welcome!

Twerk Drop-in- College Night 1/2 price for students! Lol...Knee pads suggested! Take all 3 classes on Thursday nights for $25


Crazy Legs (Pole Choreography) Drop-In- Level 1 and 2, 6 weeks required. Choreography you want? Well, choreography you get. Build your endurance flow for work spends all in one class! Level 1 and 2, 6 weeks required.


Floor Play or Pole to Floor- Get down, Get up, Get Sexy (Drop In)
It's all how you get down... and get back up! Work out your core, legs, and arms in this pole and floor combo. Build your pole work by learning smooth transitions, adding grace and sensuality into your routines. Get comfortable crawling, spinning, and moving your legs with attitude! Each week will focus on a spin, new floor transitions, and end with a short routine. Come workout your sexy side...


Pole Play Drop-in- Practice Time Drop-In


Bridal and Bikini Boot Camp Drop-in This 8 week series of a boot camp style class that meets 3 times a week each evening/day will concentrate on a specific target area! Monday's "Arms & Upper Body" Wed's "Abs& Core" and Sat Morning Legs and Booty" Classes are 60 mins and $20.00 for individual classes!


Full Body Toning- Tone your bod from head to toe. Arms, bellies, glutes and gams, FWAT's got you covered. From polers to new mama's and those who just want that full body workout this class will build strength and define muscle you never knew you had.


Pole Tricks and Combos Drop-inRequirements: 6wk Pole level 1&2.

Combination of intermediate/advanced pole tricks with a focus on combination spins. Required to know basic pole spins for this class.

TWERK MANIA Drop-In All Levels- We all know what twerk is, if you don't well.... make that booty bounce in 100+ ways! Every 1st and 3rd Thursday is Twerk SkillsEvery 2nd and 4th Thursday is Twerk Choreography


90 Minutes Pole & Chair Combo Drop-in- On and off the pole combo class is a beautiful expression of fitness, Fitness with a Twist Style! Exercising with a chair can be used as a fun sexy prop while making the transition back to the pole giving you a m ore complete workout

Levels Classes


Beginner’s Level 1, 6 wk- Pole beginners... who have never tried pole or have a little or some experience but want to build proper basic skills. Over these 6 weeks, you will master a baseline repertoire of simple spins, you will have step by step, spin by spin instruction, learn the proper form, techniques and build solid foundation for future pole advancement. Not to mention, we'll end the course all cleaned up with a complete pole choreographed routine!

You will also develop strength and flexibility. Those who are taking Pole 101 and all Levels Drop-in should be in this class!


Pole Level 2- Prepares you for intermediate level courses.

Add some spice! Focus on building strength through combining your spins as well as learning your first inversion base, The true sexy spice is your routine for this course! 


Strictly Spins 1- Requirements: 6wk Level 1&2

Spinning Pole.... scary! Not at all when you learn the basic tips and tricks of control. 4 weeks packed full of spin basics!


Pole Level 3- Pole Level 3 Six Week Course!

Now you're ready! Inverting, climbing and spinning your way through this 6 week class.

Injecting the strong!! "Strong is the new Sexy"Our sexy shines in level 3, focus on proper inversions and climbing. Although there is no routine you will be challenged in other amazing ways!


Strictly Spins 2- 6 week levels 1,2 & 3 and Strictly Spins 1 required

You've made it through spin 1 and numerous levels courses now lets work on climbing and flipping on spin! 


Pole Level 4 (6 week)

You may think this is all inversions ..... it's not! Welcome to flow and advanced choreography! Including basic and intermediate floor work, skills you have yet to touch in other levels. Your course will include a

FULL routine starting week 3.


Burlesque  6wk- Whether you want to shimmy into the spotlight or just learn a little bump-n-grind for yourself, these classes are for you! Burlesque 101 6 week will take you straight into the world of glamour and sexy. Learn all of the basic


4 week Level 1,Lyra (aerial Hoop) Course

All levels, 4 week course learning the techniques of Lyra. Spinning, Lifting and Flying! Class is Limited to 6 Students!















Lap Dance

Happy Sexy Day!!! Or Valentines Day, whatever you want to call it! You requested it, you got it! Lap Dance it is! Workshop offering below! 

What to bringPack a bag! Shoes, clothes, everything you think you may need! 

-full routine

-clothing play

Work Shops


The Dark Side (Floorwork Choreography Workshop)

No Pole Experience Needed! Learn to slink your way around the floor in the sexiest way possible! Movement can be incorporated into any pole or chair choreography or just to have a low key fun warm up at home!

Workshop does include fully choreographed routine.


Choreography Crash Course

Learn how to create the perfect routine for YOU! From picking a song to picking a costume, this will give you all the tips and tricks.














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